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FNMI Studies - Story Beads


 Target grades: Grade 2 and up

We are privileged to have permission from several Canadian Indigenous authors to use their delightful books as inspiration to build story beads. In preparation for this workshop, we provide your class with your choice of one of the books listed below. Your class reads the story and then students break the story down into 5 elements that stand out to them. During our workshop, each student creates 5 beads based on the story - They then use the beads as a reminder of the story when telling it to others. 


Your Copy of the book is yours to keep for your classroom!‚Äč

This workshop is $13.00 per student. Prices do not include GST.

During the workshop students will build design elements from their story using art glass. The completed beads are taken back to the studio where they are kiln fired. We then deliver the beads back to the school with the materials needed for assembly.

Are you doing a writing program at your school? Story beads can also be used to express creative writing developed by your students.