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Virtual Field Trip Covid policy

Updated February 2, 2021

As we endeavor to offer virtual field trips during the coming school year, we wanted to share with you our plan for protecting your students and teachers, as well as our staff.

Connecting Via Google Classroom

We will schedule a start time for your field trip with the instructor available 10 minutes before the start. The instructor will give a short presentation on glass art then a demonstration of how to approach the project. The instructor will be available for 45 minutes via Google Classroom. We realize that the completion of the project could take a little longer than that, so the instructor will also be available by phone for any other support that you need.

Project Materials

Each student will be supplied with individual project kits for their desk or workstation. Each kit will be brought back to the  Creative Adventures Caravan studio and fully sanitized between uses.

Masks will be worn while preparing the project kits and while packing the completed projects at the Creative Adventures Caravan studio. Staff will wash and/or sanitize their hands before preparing the kits.


 The kits will be delivered to the school 72 hours before the scheduled workshop, allowing the materials to be time sanitized before being used by the students.

Pick up - The kits will be picked up from the school within 24 hours after the session is complete

Finished Projects 

 The finished projects will be individually packaged and delivered back to the school. Please allow 72 hours before handing the projects to the students.

Cancelation Policy

Creative Adventures Caravan understands that schools may need to postpone or even cancel workshops with short notice, and we ask that schools inform us as soon as possible of any changes. 

In return, we ask for understanding if we need to reschedule or cancel a workshop with short notice due to COVID-19.

We recognize that last minute cancelation may not be in your control. As such, we are waiving all cancellation fees for the 2020-2021 school year.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy, please contact

Kimberly Smith

[email protected]